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IvyDog’s mission is to celebrate legacy through high quality one-of-a-kind designs and customizable Greek apparel (Cause wear). We believe in the importance of creative expression. Our company will partner with organizations to raise awareness and promote positive empowering community messages or activities

While it is important to highlight your unique identity, it is just as important to connect with like-minded individuals that you can identify with. IvyDog believes in the power of unity to not only strengthen the community, but to also bring attention to the benefit of being part of something larger than yourself. Our hope is that as a customer, whether purchasing one item or making a group purchase, can see yourself in one of our designs representing your commitment to a common good, making a positive difference in the lives around us.

Apparel can start conversation, stimulate thought, attract attention or show solidarity. We want to help you do it all. We want you to STAND OUT IN STYLE!


Your identity is strongly linked to the organizations you support and the desire to be part of change. You are tech savvy and influential in your circles. You have worked hard and will continue to do so to ensure our seat at the table. IvyDog is here to make sure you look good doing it. We offer individual designs that reflect an air of distinction. We also offer the ability to outfit your team or group with clothing that everyone will be proud to wear and will wear well, quite literally a legacy piece. Who you are and what you want to say matters and we are here to help you STAND OUT IN STYLE!


IvyDog was born out of a desire to create IMPACT by aligning resources for the community served by our great Students, Alumni, and Greeks allowing everyone to celebrate a love of community, philanthropy, and tradition. I saw a niche market that was underserved and brought a team together to bring IvyDog to life. This is personal and I am committed to creating designs that position like-minded champions of authenticity to STAND OUT IN STYLE.

V/R, Jamell Satchell